Zelenkovac Jazz Festival

When it comes to the jazz music, first thing that comes to my mind is random bar with subdued light somewhere in New York. Man plays piano, while other guy is drinking whiskey because he recently broke up with his girlfriend. He is desperately trying to forget her, her voice, her skin, the way she smiles… I know, I know I watched too many Hollywood movies.
And now, something completely different my dear blog reader, imagine a picture where jazz musicians are performing in the middle of the forest, away from civilization, while you are drinking a beer or rakija and talk to really cool people from all over the world. Not bad, huh?!


Located in the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 60 km south of Banja Luka and 15 km from Mrkonjić Grad, this three days Jazz Festival is being held every summer in the ecological zone called Zelenkovac (on English it can be called Greenery).
What is more interesting the festival tickets are really, really cheap (8 Euro per day with transport from Banja Luka), given the fact that there are many live performances of musicians well known in whole Balkan region and wider. Also, what is more interesting, this Festival is not supported by donation from the big companies except one who is producing beer :). And not many people, even in this area, are even know about this event. Zelenkovac Jazz Festival is project of a couple enthusiasts who created cosy jazz event while taking care of each guest as well as for the nature.
Here, you can sleep in bungalow or in a camp or not sleep at all 🙂 I was there for one night, but I met a lot of interesting, funny  people and really had fun while listened good music.

If you are interested, more details you can find on the website http://www.zelenkovac.org/



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