There is something about countries not so known to travelers, tourists or, even, to all people in the world, although it’s a 21st century.
How come? What’s wrong with them? – you might ask. They must be either weird, or very special?! In this case, it’s the second one, but add a little bit of weirdness, everyone has it :).
I am fully aware that people haven’t heard much about Bosnia and Herzegovina as tourist destination. Despite all the miracles of modern technology, BiH is still mystery to the travelers. It is still a mystery even for us who are living here for our whole life. And, it’s too bad, because this is a country where East meets West, literary.
So, here, you’ll be able to read about things that make this beautiful, one of a kind country, so special and different.
You’ll read about cevapi (remeber that word), astonishing untouched nature, national   parks, caves, pyramids, lakes and mountains, fresh air and amazing rivers. About skiing, wild water sports, camping, climbing… Festivals, organic food, tradition… And finally, about open-hearted, hospitable people and their Balkan way of living.
Together, we’ll try to discover undiscovered and spread a word about it.