Cemernica:Beauty that is hard to get

Are you ok?
Yes, I suppose, but I need to stop and take a break, othewise I will die.
Ha,ha,ha are you seriously hugging a tree?
Yeeees, I need to do something to get me back to life, what else can I do in a mountain?

Starting point
Starting point

This conversation was held between my friend Jelena and me while we climbed the route on mountain Cemernica (Čemernica). It was my first experience of climbing. I was so naive, didn’t do any proper research. All I knew was that Cemernica is located 40 km south from Banja Luka, surrounded by the river Vrbas and that along its slopes is passing regional road: Banja Luka-Jajce. I didn’t know what is the highest peak, I assumed that it cannot be that tall. Now I know, the highest peak is „Goli vis“ – 1.339 metre. I learned it on the hard way :). My feet and muscles can confirm that.


And it isn’t the problem more than 900 metre to climb, but the route was so damn demanding, at least for me, who had no previous experience.


When I decided to spend my Saturday in mountain, I thought it would be nice hiking, enjoying the view. I was so wrong! Our route started on 400 metre height in place called Bocac (Bočac). Plan was that group of 30 people, members of mountaineering association „Summit“,would climb for five kilometres to the top, and the trip would take for three hours. Ultimately, it took us four to climb to the „Goli vis“. I wasn’t the only one who had many breaks.:).


At the very top I had conversation with our guide who told me that Cemernica is one the most demanding mountain in BiH to climb. Well, at least I don’ t have to be scared of other mountains in that area of central Bosnia.


Like many mountains in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cemernica is hidden beauty, and the source of many rivers, streams and creeks as well as with high-quality forest resources, especially coniferous and mixed (spruce, abies, beech) woods, with endemic quarry mammals (wolf, roe, chamois, wild boar,marten, brown bear). Unfortunately or luckily, we didn’t see any of them.


Although I was in pain for couple days after climbing down, this experience motivated me to explore as much as I can mountains throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. I realised how weak my knowledge is about treasure that surrounds me. And indeed, no pain no gain, Cemernica taught me that.

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