Banja Luka’s Winter Trail

At first glance, it all looked as it was going to be just another ordinary Sunday morning in the middle of January. The holidays are behind me, except all the unhealthy food is still messing with my blood pressure and I desperately need a sugar rush because I need more energy. But instead of eating and complaining at the same time, I’ve decided to treat myself with something quite the opposite. I’ve made decision to walk and it wasn’t some ordinary 30 minutes walk. It was a 16 kilometres walk. And the name of the trail is Banja Luka Winter Trail.








Organised by the mountaineering club Kozara, this yearly activity is free and open to all the citizens of Banja Luka and the region. The trail is suitable for all, including me, who is one of those lazy people especially during the months of winter.








So, this Sunday, a group of 200 nature lovers started their six hour long excursion from the Bema shoe factory, passed over Rainer’ spring, and took a short break at Trešnjik and Banj hill/Šehitluci where the monument dedicated to the fallen Krajina soldiers in the War for Liberation (1941-1945) against fascism is located. Just five kilometres from the city centre, we found fresh air, unpolluted snow crystals shinning in the sun, and the mind resetting process could begin. Bye, bye stress!





Later on we descended toward the spring Vrućica, crossed over the suspension bridge over the river Vrbas and continued into the canyon Suturlija from which the trail led us toward the mountain lodge on Šibovi where the adventure ended.





While taking photos along the way, I couldn’t stop thinking about  how lucky we all are in Banja Luka to have this treasure surrounding us. And yet, most of us, in the everyday struggle of life, seem to forget  to appreciate that.





That Sunday afternoon I came back home and went straight to bed, without an anxiety attack thinking about deadlines at work since tomorrow was Monday. Somehow, I felt that everything is going to be just fine, and if wasn’t, well, I’d go for another 16 kilometres walk.





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